South Beach Comedy Festival

Who better to kick off the South Beach Comedy Festival than Doug Benson, one of the many veterans of the launching-pad reality TV show Last Comic Standing — and an avid advocate of legalizing marijuana use. Check him out Wednesday night at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach.

Will we hear any stuff from your CD “Hypocritical Oaf”?

You will if I forget my new stuff. You’re really making me paranoid.

Are you open to letting audience members play The Leonard Maltin Game?

The Colony is a big theater, and LMG is an intimate game of arcane movie trivia. So it could go either way.

Are you ever concerned that you’ll be pigeonholed as the stoner-dude comedian?

Not really. People seem to really like the documentary I did, Super High Me, and I like being liked. So it’s all good. But I don’t think you should be using the word “pigeonholed’’ in a family publication.

How would one go about Super High-ing you?

It’s a complicated process. First, have some weed on you. Second, find me.

Michael Hamersly


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