Sit on it! Here's your chance to win Fonzie's motorcycle

Aaayyy! Seminole Casino Coconut Creek is giving you a chance to win a slice of Americana: Fonzie’s 1949 Triumph Trophy TRS from ‘70s sitcom Happy Days. On Aug. 25. Henry Winkler, a.k.a. “The Fonz,” will be on-hand from 9 p.m. – 11 p.m. for a meet and greet and help award his iconic bike to one grand prize winner.

A little background for Generation Y: Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli was a charismatic greaser and auto mechanic. Originally he was a secondary character but eventually became the lead after becoming an instant fan favorite. In 1999, TV Guide ranked him number four on its 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list. It’s hard to forget catch phrases like “Aaayyy,” and “Sit on it!”

As for the bike, it was provided by stuntman and Triumph dealer Bud Ekins, who removed the front fender, painted the fuel tank silver and changed the handlebars.

How to win it: Players can swipe their player’s card daily for a chance to win, and receive one free entry for every 50 slot points earned or every $200 wagered on tables, excluding Stax Poker Lounge, beginning Aug. 1 at 7 a.m. On Aug. 25, 10 winners will be randomly selected and given an envelope each hour from 9 p.m. – 11 p.m. Two “finalist” envelopes will be given every hour, which will give that player a chance to return for the final drawing at 11 p.m. Each finalist will receive a leather jacket with a key attached, and only one will open the lock to win Fonzie’s motorcycle. Finalists whose keys do not open the lock will receive $1,000 in free play.



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