Singer Bea Miller just getting started

Looks are deceiving. Bea Miller can’t be many inches over 5 feet tall, but boy, can this teenager belt out the tunes. The 16-year-old X Factor alum showed off a ripe set of pipes as one of the acts on Fifth Harmony’s Reflection: The Summer Tour Wednesday night at The Fillmore. What’s her secret?

“I try to just chill out and focus and not think of getting out there in front of all those people,” Bea said before the concert. “And once I’m out there, I feel great. A lot of my family is here from New Jersey. Plus, when I look out and I see all those faces in the audience, they inspire me.”

Yes, lots of the screaming mouths belonged to tweenagers who can’t get enough of headliners Fifth Harmony, fellow X Factor-ers who have blown up in the last year or so with such pop songs as Worth It and Sledgehammer.

Big things are happening for the Fire and Gold singer. Her debut album, Not An Apology, just dropped.