Showbiz debuts Monday on CNN en Español

Hankering for some chisme? Time to get your daily dish — when Showbiz debuts on CNN en Español at 3 p.m. Monday. Hosts Juan Carlos Arciniegas (Escenario) from Hollywood, Calif., and Mariela Encarnación from Miami will chat about all your favorite celebrities, from Angelina Jolie and Ryan Reynolds to Latino stars like Javier Bardem and Shakira.

Showbiz — the hermana of HLN’s Showbiz Tonight — will also feature round-table guests weighing in on the most controversial entertainment news stories. Will Lindsay go back to rehab? Will Snooki stop drinking? Will John Mayer ever settle down? Arciniegas and Encarnación have got the scoop:

Q. So who’s the hot person on your radar right now?

ME: Everyone’s talking about Lindsay Lohan and her reputation. Also Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray‘s court case.

JCA: Lindsay, for sure. Not only because of the stuff at the Betty Ford clinic but what’s going to happen to her career. I think people are very curious about it. She’s moving houses. Will she find new friends?

What are some upcoming hot topics?

JCA: Awards season is coming up. That will last until March. I think a lot of attention is going to be on Natalie Portman [Black Swan]. She’s likely going to be nominated for an Oscar, plus she’s pregnant and engaged. It’s juicy.

ME: We’re going to be covering [Mexican singer/actress] Angelica Vale‘s wedding. That’ll be a huge event.

Do you have any favorite celebs to interview?

JCA: Angelina Jolie. We talked about her work with Colombian refugees. She also opens up about her family and Brad Pitt. You feel free to bring up a lot of topics. Also Pedro Almodovar. He doesn’t do interviews often, so for me it’s kind of a challenge. He’s very intellectual, so you have to prepare.

ME: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are a great couple. He’s such a talented singer. She’s a diva, but I love her. She shows us Latinas that our dreams can come true. Halle Berry is also so sweet and cute and real.

Anyone you don’t like to talk to?

It’s usually the great actors who are hard. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe are difficult. They don’t like to open up. Justin Bieber gave me a lot of `yes, no’ answers. But with female reporters he was fine [laughs].

Worst interview?

JCA: Javier Bardem. He’s gotten way too secretive about his personal life. I asked him about how it felt to play a father in his upcoming movie and become one in real life with Penelope Cruz and he said `I’m not going to answer that.’ He needs to chill.

ME: I talked to John Malkovich for Secretariat. He was so quiet. He hardly talked at all! Celebrities don’t have to open the door completely, but the audience wants to hear about some personal things like your vacation or relationships or your family. Knowing what they do in their free time gives the interview balance.


Showbiz airs airs on CNN en Español from 3 to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.


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