Sexy telenovela star Kate del Castillo

Seems everyone – even movie stars – wants to be in soaps these days.

Oscar nominee James Franco refuses to give up his day job on General Hospital even though he’s inundated with scripts.

Kate Del Castillo ( Under the Same Moon) is also fielding offers from Hollywood, but is perfectly happy with her role in Telemundo’s new telenovela Reina del Sur ( Queen of the South).

The Mexican native plays the lead character, Teresa Mendoza, a woman caught up in the world of drug trafficking.

Castillo, 38, learned a little about drugs during her time as a crime boss on Showtime’s Weeds.

“I had been a big fan of that show, and I loved that role,’’ said Castillo while visiting Miami.

Even though she’s costarred with such major leaguers as Jennifer Lopez in Bordertown and Tilda Swinton in Julia, Castillo is in no rush to get back to the big screen. When not working, she’s busy chilling with husband of one year, fellow actor and sometime-model Aaron Diaz, in their L.A. home.

“We do spend time apart when we’re both working, but I think that’s healthy,’’ Castillo said, “because then it’s always new with us.’’

The show airs 10 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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