Sebastian Maniscalco: What a laugh

Like most comedians, Sebastian Maniscalco comments about his crazy life and those inhabit it – family, girflriends, his cellphone. The Chicago native is headed to the Hollywood Improv through Valentine’s Day (night).

He gave us a taste of his show:

How do best explain your act?

It’s basically observational comedy, relating to things going on around me on a day to day basis. In today’s landscape of entertainment where shocking and inappropriate seems to be the norm, my comedy is a breath of fresh air which many people can relate to.

What is your favorite thing to comment on?

Dating. Everyone is either in love, falling in love, or falling out of love. It’s highly relatable and there is an abundance of material.

What is your personal peeve lately?

Watching The Bachelor. The guy is a boob.

Anything else?

I’m a closet techie – I love gadgets. I just wish people would look up from their phones once in a while. Some idiot fell into a fountain at a mall while texting and now wants to sue the mall. For what?



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