Scott Stapp's arms wide open again

independence Day 2010 will always have special meaning for Scott Stapp. It’s the date the 36-year-old Creed frontman and his wife Jaclyn Nesheiwat welcomed a boy into the world. Daniel Issam Stapp joins big sister Milan, 3, and 12-year-old half-brother Jagger, about whom Stapp penned the band’s No.‚1 single With Arms Wide Open. With such honest lyrics as I don’t know if I’m ready to be the man I have to be/I’ll take a breath, I’ll take her by my side/We stand in awe, we’ve created life,” the 2000 hit struck a chord with many new parents. Though Stapp penned the song as a nervous dad-to-be, he’s now an old pro. “We’re broken-in parents; we know how to do it now,” he says. “But we’re lucky. D.I. only cries when he has a wet diaper or he’s hungry.” Stapp, who will play with Creed Aug.  31 at Cruzan Ampitheatre as part of the îî20-10 Tour,” can always use an audience when he’s rehearsing for his next solo album, due out early next year. The stuff he’s writing reflects his current personal situation. “i spend a lot of time sitting around watching my family, and I love my wife dearly so I wrote Crazy in Love for her,” he says. “I’m never done learning how to articulate about that, and I want to get it right. She and my daughter have changed my understanding of women.”


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