Sayonara, Acne and Skin Damage. White Light Skin Care Is Here to Help

white light skin care

Hellbent on eradicating that sun-damaged skin, acne or brown spots on your face? If you answered, “yes,” then look no further than White Light Skin Care which celebrates its 10th year in biz this year. Nestled on the quieter end of Washington Avenue, Aesthetician Eduardo Ayub (pictured below) offers skin brightening and tightening IPL Photofacials. Each session costs $300 and there’s no downtime or scary appearance (like Fraxel laser) afterward. Three to six treatments are needed for maximum results — this is not a one-trick pony, per say.

The idea behind the laser treatment? The system penetrates deep into the dermal (second layer of skin) tissue where collagen (fibrous proteins) is produced to stimulate an increase in new collagen formation. This action tightens skin as well as reduce the appearance of redness, uneven facial textures, minor wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Each session takes about 45 minutes and there’s minimal pain involved. In fact, the sensation can be best described as a blast of heat followed by a swift cooling sensation — with the area around the hairline being the most sensitive. Afterwards, you won’t channel a red lobster and you’ll be able to go about your day as usual. The following day, your sunspots will appear a little crusty (or “peppered” as the pros say) and flake off. A few days after the treatment, you will notice fewer blackheads and blood vessels, tightened pores and a more even skin tone. Why, hello, Gorgeous!

The moral of the story? Always wear sunscreen and if you don’t, well, there’s a laser for that. 

White Light Skin Care, 110 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach; (305) 534-7546;

white light skin care