Sara Bareilles's hits Revolution Live in Broward after debuting at No. 1 with Kaleidoscope Heart

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles hasn’t let fame get to her. Even though her new album Kaleidoscope Heart debuted No. 1 on the charts last month, the down-to-earth singer-songwriter remembers her humble beginnings.

You could say Bareilles, 30, a graduate of UCLA, knows a thing or two about paying dues. She got her start playing in Los Angeles bars and clubs. But it wasn’t until the crossover success of her hit single Love Song that the world caught on.

We chatted with the piano princess, who performs Monday at Revolution Live.

 How has the tour been going so far?
“A ton of fun. It’s been a long time since [me] and the band have been on tour together, and we’re all in high spirits. The crowds have been been so supportive. It’s been sweet.”

How does “Kaleidoscope Heart” differ from your other albums?
“I was not as scared this time around. When I first started working on [Little Voice] everything was so new. I was really over-
whelmed so it made the process more difficult, and I couldn’t fully enjoy it.”

Pharrell and Questlove (from the Roots) did some work on your new album. How was that?
“Actually, that was a rumor. Neal Avron produced the whole album. When I was first working in the studio, I was kind of playing dress up and trying new things out. I met [Pharrell and Questlove] but we didn’t end up with a lot to show from
it. I think they’re great though and hope to collaborate in the future.”

“Kaleidoscope” does have a more upbeat sound than your other albums.
“That’s one of the things I liked about working with Neil [Avron]. He brought his rock background to the table. So, yes, it’s
somewhat edgier and has a more aggressive sound. From a production standpoint, I was excited to go for it and take risks yet still keep it organic.”

You are longtime friends with Maroon 5. Do you see a duet down the road?
“I’m not opposed to that. They took me out on my first tour, and I think they are amazing. They definitely made a difference in my life. They are good boys.”

How does it feel knowing that you’ve helped someone mend a broken heart with your music?
“I love that person! I’m someone who is a music fan, and certain people have comforted me. I love that I get to be that person. It’s such a massive compliment. And really, that’s the whole point. To make that connection. It’s like the way I feel when I’m on stage. Except I get to physically see the connection happen. It’s such a special relationship. I love my fans.
They’ve been so loving and so supportive. I wish I could squeeze them all.”

How do you keep yourself grounded?
“I’m really lucky and blessed that I know the kind of people I do. My bandmates, my crew, they are my family. We’ve been friends close to seven years. The experiences and changes I’m going through have been a shared victory between us. That keeps me really honest. Plus, they’d kick the s— out of me if I got a big head.”



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