Salma Hayek’s new movie has a character that acts a lot like Trump

In her latest movie, Beatriz at Dinner, Salma Hayek plays a healer and massage therapist who is forced to attend a very uncomfortable dinner party.

After her car breaks down at a wealthy client’s house, Beatriz is invited to sit with the guests, many of whom are snooty social climbers. Beatriz butts heads with one man in particular, Doug Strutt (John Lithgow), a sexist, twice divorced Southern California-based zillionaire real estate mogul who has a reputation for ruthless business dealings in Mexico.

Hayek, who, like her character, is Mexican, is not afraid of him, though.

“She says what she thinks. She’s not a hypocrite,” she said simply.

We had to ask: Since the movie was filmed during the campaign, was Doug inspired by POTUS?

Hayek, who has been outspoken about Donald Trump’s Mexican border wall proposition, thinks Doug is actually more reasonable than the president.

“The other side is treated with a lot of respect,” she says. “It’s not like a caricature. Like you know sometimes the president looks like and says things like a caricature? Our character was not trying to be the president. He actually says a lot of things that you understand the logic behind it. Why he thinks that way.”

So in this case, it seems truth is stranger than fiction.