Rumor Mill: Van Dyke closing rumor resurfaces, Burger-Fi-cation, Foxhole’s new restaurant & Eataly

Let’s start with what’s confirmed: opening in the summer of 2014 in the space formerly known as China Grill is Siena Tavern, the Chicago-based Italian restaurant by Top Chef fave Fabio Viviani. How do we know? They told us on Twitter (h/t Christine G and The Chowfather).

Next up: the Burger-Fi-cation of Miami, with a new location opening soon across from Mansion at 1242 Washington Ave. and one in Coral Gables at 136 Miracle Mile.

Then there’s the guys from Foxhole, who are opening an Asian restaurant, Drunken Dragon, at 1424 Alton Road in the former Latin supermarket space.

And while the aforementioned are all confirmed, out rears that pesky rumor that Van Dyke Cafe is turning into an Abercrombie & Fitch. Graspa Group spokesperson JennyLee Molina told us it’s still not true, saying “Nay. Same rumor that has been around and back. They extended the lease for another 3 years. The owners changed about a year ago (Graspa leases but doesn’t own building) and the rumor has continued to spread, but in 3 years all that can change, you know?”

This just in: South American restaurant Segundo Muelle is opening their first US location sometime in March 2014 at the Hotel St Michel in Coral Gables. Here’s the menu, in Spanish, complete with pictures of dishes for those who don’t speak the language.


Finally, that Eataly thing. Unfortunately the Eatalians have not replied to our request for comment, but Grub Street got hold of an Eataly manager who told them “We haven’t signed any contract in Miami and I don’t believe we are even remotely close to signing one.”