Roselyn Sánchez dishes on ‘Devious Maids,’ singing and new Spanish comedy

Photo: Anthony Cave

While the verdict is still out on whether or not Lifetime will renew its infectiously popular drama, “Devious Maids,” for a third season, one of the show’s leading ladies, Roselyn Sánchez, had no problem basking in the limelight at her Venue Magazine cover party at Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge Wednesday night.

The party’s VIP crowd included Univision’s Tanya Charry and telenovela star Jason Canela. Thankfully, we did not hear any spoilers from last Sunday’s season finale of “Devious Maids.”

Maybe the free drinks and loud music had something to do with that.

Anyway, Sánchez reflected on her character, Carmen, a Latina maid and aspiring singer, her own musical path and an upcoming role in a MundoFox Spanish television series.

Roselyn, talk about Carmen’s character development over the last two seasons. Were you hesitant at first to play a Latina maid, considering the stereotypes?
I wasn’t…I knew we were doing something very special…I didn’t concentrate on the “maid” word (laughs). This is about Latinas telling a story, they’re three-dimensional characters. I read Carmen’s (script) and I laughed so hard and I was like, you know, I understand her spirit of leaving your country to try to make it as a star, so I think I can do something cool.

You had a single, “Pick Up Your Game,” with Flo Rida drop late last year. What’s next for you in the music realm?
I did the video (for “Pick Up Your Game”) two weeks ago. It’s about to come out. I just did it for fun, honestly. You know, I love singing; I did my record (“Borinqueña” in 2003) many years back. I’m going to do one single at a time, I’m not thinking about anything else, I just wanted to do something for people to dance. If it flies, wonderful, if it doesn’t, my job is acting.

What can you tell us about your role on MundoFox’s “Familia en Venta” (Family Sale)?
I did the pilot for “Devious Maids,” then I went to Colombia, Bogotá, for three months to shoot my first television show in Spanish. It’s a comedy, international cast, and it comes out on MundoFox Aug. 10. And, it is so calming. I am very, very proud of that one. I play Lili, she’s incredible. It’s about this couple, we’ve been together for like 20 years and we’re going through a divorce but because of financial problems we are forced to live together while we’re going through the divorce…it is bananas how funny it is!