Roaches frolicked in these 2 shut-down Miami restaurants

Sorry we couldn’t get the bi-weekly Roach Report out before you took Mom to Sunday brunch. We hope nothing on your plate outside of the chicken had legs.

So, let’s get to the Miami-Dade restaurants that got shut down for the day because of roach activity over the last two weeks:

▪ China Garden Chinese Restaurant, 27100 S. Dixie Hwy, Homestead —The May 4 state inspection turned up 33 violations, including eight High Priority violations. Most of the latter involved improper storage of food that can lead to foodborne illnesses.

So, there were a few things wrong besides, “Five live roaches observed on dish machine. Two live roaches observed on prep table in front of kitchen. One live roach observed crawling on wall by hand wash sink. One live roach observed on kitchen floor.” But that didn’t help.

▪ Village Chinese Restaurant, 13775 SW 152nd St., West Kendall — How do you get shut down with only three High Priority violations? With an inspector who saw “approximately 33 live roaches found crawling on the floor and wall underneath three-door stand up reach-in cooler, and crawling on the wall behind the same three-door reach-in cooler in the kitchen. This unit is located in a food prep area. Also, observed approximately eight live roaches underneath the steam table, underneath a cardboard lining across from an oven.”

Now for those places that got caught with their roaches running, but stayed open.

▪ Days Inn & Suites, 7450 Ocean Ter., Miami Beach The inspection report noted “one live roach observed by hand wash sink in kitchen.” That didn’t seem nearly as bothersome as “one bread roll with visible mold” or the “Stop Sale issued on potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for food due to temperature abuse” concerning some chicken. In addition, the report mentioned “Dishmachine not sanitizing properly. This was part of an inspection that earned a warning.

▪ French Bistro, 13611 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami-Dade — One live roach was found inside a reach-in cooler gasket in the kitchen. Other violations included “bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food while the establishment is under a foodborne illness investigation. Employee touched ready to eat beef with bare hands as the beef was plated to be served.” The manager made the employee discard the beef.

Now, we get to those who got busted with dead roaches on the premises.

▪ Conch Street Cafe, 10245 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour — “One dead roach in a lighting fixture above the food preparation area.”

▪ My Little Peru, 6832 NW 169th St., Miami-Dade — The inspector noted about seven dead roaches behind a white Frigidaire freezer, four behind the chest freezer, two on a dry stock shelf and two behind a front counter cooler.

▪ Nathalie’s Catering, 150 NW 27th Ave., Miami — “One big dead roach in the dishwashing area.”

▪ New Sangs Corp, 1925 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach. — Four dead roaches spotted under the dishwasher.

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