Rick Ross pens a sappy letter, ends it with ‘Boss S***’

King of Miami, rapper Rick Ross Da Boss, is turning 41 Saturday. But in his last hours as a 40 year old, the multi-platinum artist dropped a new single, “I Think She Like Me” and shared his feelings in a moving letter to fans.

(The letter is waaay better).

The song was in heavy rotation (Read: played nonstop) on Miami’s 99.1 and 103.5 Thursday as DJs and personalities showed love to Ricky Rozay (Read: They hyped up this single so hard).


New ROZAY ‘I Think She Like Me’ avail on iTunes now! Time to #Bossup

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The timing of its release will give “I Think She Like Me,” the first single off Rick Ross’ album “Rather You Than Me,” plenty of time to gain traction before The Teflon Don’s birthday.

But don’t expect much from the single’s lyrics. It stays true to the themes of sex, luxury and sophisticated thuggery often threaded throughout Rick Ross’ latest hits.

I’m baby makin’ in the Malvides
Put up all the yachts, pulled out the jet skis
Khaled hit me on the FaceTime
I’m the fliest n**** on his bassline
She see the sneakers and she see the stones
Fat boy run the city, seated in the throne

Still, it’s hard not to give the man his props. Here he is, no longer struggling on the gritty streets of Miami, but living and enjoying life. And he’s been a heavy-hitter in the rap game since his 2006 debut studio album “Port of Miami.” He penned a touching letter about his success leading up to his ninth album “Rather You Than Me.” The letter’s quite sappy, but he ends it with “Boss S***!” so that totally makes up for it: 

10 year + in this game and it has all lead to this moment right here. My entire life I was never give choices… I had no choice but to boss up, to make it by any means necessary, to turn nothing to into everything that you see in front of you today. Coming where I’m from, all we had to trust were our natural instincts to survive… ‘Rather You Than Me’ is a testimony. My testimony, and if you a real n****, no matter where you from, you can relate to this… “Boss S***!

So yeah, it’s hard to hate. Happy Birthday, Rick Ross!