Ricardo Darin: fashion darling

In Argentina, actor Ricardo Darín is a big deal.

The Argentine equivalent of Pierce Brosnan or Richard Gere, he’s been the lead- ing man in popular films XXy, The Education of Fair- ies (La educación de las hadas) and Lovely Loneliness (Amo- rosa Soledad). But his most notable role to U.S. audiences is that of Benjamín Esposito in the Oscar-winning movie, The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de sus ojos).

We chatted with the famoso star who is the new spokesman for clothing store, Etiqueta Negra (Black Label). The fashion line — a favorite among celebs and well-known in his native Buenos Aires — is opening a store Aug. 26 in the Aven-tura Mall.

How did you become the new spokesman for Etiqueta Negra?

 “I have been friends with the owner, Federico Alvarez Castillo, for awhile and have always been a fan of the brand. It’s not only the quality but also the details that really make the clothes unique and stand out. I often feel that it is the details that really define a brand and set it apart from the rest. When Etiqueta Negra invited me to be a part of their next collection, I was happy to accept.”

 What do you like most about the clothes? “The design and craftsmanship of the clothes really set them apart in the industry, and in my opinion are what make Etiqueta Negra such a sought-after and aspirational brand here in Argentina.”

Do you think those who are unfamiliar with the fashion line will like it?

“I think the brand will appeal to anyone who appreciates quality and craftsman- ship. I have no doubt that once customers have the opportunity to see the clothes for themselves, the products will do the rest.”

Did you expect The Secret in Their Eyes to win an Oscar? “No, I never ask myself if one project or another is likely to win an Oscar. I just try to connect with the other actors and bring the story to life for the audience. That said, winning the Oscar was an incredible joy and honor, not only for Argentina, but for all of Latin America. Every time I travel, people share with me their sense of pride that a Latin-American film has earned such international recognition.”



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