Reggie Bush hangs out with local American football team in Austria

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush visits with members of the Salzburg Bulls. Photo - Reggie Bush Twitter

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush continued his European Vacation in Austria with a full agenda on Day 2.

His first stop in the morning was a visit to the Red Bull headquarters in Fuschl, Austria, where the company was started 25 years ago.

“The biggest thing for me was just how quiet it was,” Bush said. “Once you get to know the Red Bull company and how energetic they are and how they do so much crazy stuff, you go to the headquarters and it’s just quiet and peaceful. There’s not even a Red Bull sign outside the building. You wouldn’t even know it was Red Bull headquarters unless you knew someone who worked there. And everybody wears suits.”

But it wouldn’t be long before Bush got a dose of that Red Bull energy. He jumped on a boat to watch a Red Bull pro wakeboarder perform some of his best stunts.

Bush, who said he has never been on a wakeboard, wasn’t going end that streak.

“No, with training camp coming that would not have been the smart thing to do and somehow get injured.”

The highlight of his second day in Austria was visiting the Salzburg Bulls, the high school and semi-pro American football team in Austria. Bush got to visit with the players, field questions and give some advice on practice techniques during 7-on-7 drills. But Bush was most impressed with the player’s dedication to the sport.

“You could see that a lot of [their interest] was based on passion and they are playing because of their love for the sport,” Bush said. “I thought it was pretty cool to see that thousands of miles away some guys share the same passion as me but obviously are not as fortunate.”

It was off-season for the Salzburg Bulls, as their season starts in the spring. Regardless, several players asked Bush about the changes of getting an NFL team in Europe or how they could grow and promote the sport overseas.

“I told them that what they are doing in itself is more promotion than we could ever give, because they are playing out there for the love of sport and for their passion, and all we have is just one game a year out there,” Bush said.

Next up for Bush – plenty of downtime to relax before the upcoming Dolphins training camp, as his agenda was less crowded.


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