Miami Housewife Joanna Krupa: Gronk was a terrible costar

NEW ORLEANS - FEBRUARY 15: Supermodel Joanna Krupa attends Maxim's Mega Mansion at Buckner Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Skip Bolen/Getty Images for Maxim)

Two Miami fixtures are feuding: Joanna Krupa and Rob Gronkowski.

The two costar in “You Can’t Have It,” which looks to be a straight to video murder mystery set in a bar. The only recognizable people in the whole thing are Dominique Swain and Armand Assante.

Krupa plays a foul mouthed bartender; Gronk a cop — apparently a teeny role.

So teeny that he couldn’t be bothered to promote it, accuses Krupa.

The ex “Real Housewives of Miami” star told TMZ, while in L.A. for the premiere, that she was “bummed” that he wasn’t more of a team player (pun intended).

The model and onetime “Dancing with the Stars” contestant said that amid her “busy schedule” she had flown in from her native Poland for Wednesday night’s red carpet premiere, looking amazing in a black, sexy dress.

Gronk: a no show.

She had been hoping the party boy would make an appearance, but didn’t expect it. Krupa also told TMZ that the New England Patriots tight end didn’t behave professionally on set, even though he had basically no part at all.

“He was probably the only person we had to do retake and retake [for],” she added to TMZ. “He was too busy focusing on the hot girls.”

Though Krupa, who is married to Miami nightlife hunk Romain Zago, did say the NFL star seemed like a nice guy,” she blabbed that he hadn’t done enough to promote “You Can’t Have It.”

Gronk insiders responded to TMZ Sports that the athlete is still rehabbing after back surgery for a herniated disk back in December.

Hmm, Gronkowski was just in Miami last weekend for the Hawkers model beach volleyball tournament and looked in pretty good shape, partying it up with Flo Rida and other celebrities.