Real Housewives of Miami reunion gets ugly

It’s a good thing vodka wasn’t involved.

The dainty gloves were off during the Real Housewives of Miami Part One reunion Bravo Thursday night. Even Andy Cohen looked a little verklempt over the over the top viciousness. Though there were many talking points — e.g., the Lea Black vs. Marysol Patton battle is overplayed and frankly, dull.

But Ana Quincoces showed off a very fiery side, not only defending pal Marysol but attacking Black’s character.

The feisty lawyer reduced the philanthropist to someone who used to sell cold creams out of the back of her Pinto in Waco, Texas (not her quote exactly but close).

Then it was Adriana de Moura vs. Joanna Krupa. The Brazilian art expert claimed Krupa’s boyfriend, Mynt owner Romain Zago, was having affairs behind the model’s back and that she wasn’t the only “p—y” in Miami. Krupa accused De Moura of bullying but Quincoces didn’t take that term lightly. De Moura also called Krupa’s Tweets racist, and labeled her an airhead. All in all, it was a horrific cat fight and we can’t imagine how Part II will go down with the addition of Alexia Echevarria (who can’t stand high wattage dentist Karent Sierra) and Ms. Plastic Surgery herself Elsa Patton who looks to be threatening someone in the trailer for next week, saying to someone: “I’m a very good friend and a very bad enemy.”