Real Housewives of Miami personality cancels party

Guests invited to Karent Sierra’s birthday party at a Star Island home Saturday night received notification about five hours beforehand that the event was canceled.

Sierra’s invitation said that in lieu of gifts the dentist preferred all invited to contribute to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. The reason given for the last minute notification was an “emergency.” It was sent out by Sierra’s publicist Liza Santana, who felt badly that no shindig was going on.

On her Facebook page, Santana said that her company, Creativas Group, had nothing to do with pulling the plug and that her company was not managing or producing the event: “I apologize for the inconvenience you may have experienced due to the last minute cancellation of the event. For those whom were included by myself, I apologize for any last minute confusion especially my friends in the press.” Santana goes on to mention that some people who had planned on attending were offended. “I have gotten some very strong emails from some who are under the impression ‘Creativas Group disinvited you.’ As a firm who represents Karent Sierra, we extended the message told to us by the host(ess)…Please refrain from making ill statements toward my firm as none of this was controlled by us.”

As RHOM viewers saw a few weeks back on the Bravo show, Sierra’s father is not well. But it is still unclear what caused her to nix her own birthday celebration.