Real Housewife Lisa Hochstein hints at new venture

Judging the behavior among cast mates in season 3 of The Real Housewives of Miami makes you think: No, they can’t just get along. These past few episodes have featured so much infighting, it’s hard to tell which side anyone is on anymore. There’s Marysol Patton vs. Lea Black. Adriana De Moura vs. Black. Joanna Krupa vs. De Moura. Seriously, get a scorecard. Now we’re thinking there will be more issues when Lisa Hochstein unveils her skincare line. The surgically enhanced Canadian, who has managed so far to stay above the fray, tweeted on Tuesday that she was “working on logos. … This is fun. … It’s coming alive!” Oops. Black has her own skincare line, too. We sense trouble, which Bravo must be so psyched about.