Start fasting. The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is upon us Thursday through Sunday. There are a few newbie companies on the scene, and we know we’re going to seriously look into the creations from Sweet Street Desserts, operating out of Pennsylvania. The 32-year-old company makes luscious mousses, marshmallow squares, lemon crumb bars and toffee crunch blondies, which will be available for gazing and grazing on a 30-foot food truck called “The Sweet Ride,’’ at 1111 Lincoln Road (9:30 p.m. Friday. Even sweeter: Everything on the mobile plate is free.


Stick-straight hair is still in, and keratin is one of the most buzzed about (good and bad) beauty procedures of the moment. But it’s pricey — and stinky. Good thing John Frieda has come out with a safe, innocuous-smelling alternative called Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray, and there’s no need for a mask when you spritz it on. This Allure-approved product, just $9.99, is a perfect accompaniment to a flatiron because it’s heat activated. And compared to $300 for a keratin treatment, this is worth a try. At drugstores.


Feeling washed out? Kiehl’s has a nifty new product for spring: Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream. And this sounds promising. The super-rich formula works hard to reactivate tired, sun-parched skin with a flower, Haberlea rhodopensis, found on the Rhodopes Mountain Range in Bulgaria. This biological wonder (a hit with Julianne Moore) has the capability to minimize water loss for up to 31 months as a survival strategy. Then the plant can resume normal growth with only a few drops of moisture. Call it giving your face a wakeup call. Bonus: Unlike, say, fellow hard worker La Mer, it’s only $60 at Kiehl’s stores now.


Celeb doc Michael Hall has created what he calls “hospital in a suitcase.’’ A favorite among such hip-hop stars as Drake (who bought one for his tour bus), the Hall MEDpac contains live-saving medical equipment designed to provide on-site treatment during a medical emergency. There are meds, bandages, ointments, an oxygen defibrillator, satellite phone and GPS locator. This jazzed up first aid kit costs $2,500-$10,000. Charlie Sheen, are you listening? Hall Longevity Clinic, 305-672-4733.


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