Prince Royce at listening party in Miami

Prince Royce had a private get together with some fans at a Sprint store in Hialeah, on Tuesday evening.

There were about 50 people gathered around a stage where the known, “Principe de la Bachata” [Prince of Bachata] sat and answered questions regarding recent projects, such as his new album coming out July 24, his “Back it Up” music video with Pitbull and J.Lo and going on tour with Ariana Grande. There were also tickets given away for his upcoming concert during a raffle, in which screaming fans went insane every time their ticket number was called. Some even cried.

The 26-year-old bachata singer, took selfies with various fans and serenated them with songs from his previous albums as well as sneak peaks of his new one titled “Double Vision,” which he said was inspired by living and seeing a life with two different perspectives: one in English and one in Spanish.

“Double Vision,” has numerous collaborations between Royce and major music names (besides J.Lo and Pitbull) such as Snoop Dog, Tyga, and Kid Ink.

“The album in English is very different. It’s a Prince Royce that the public has not seen as of yet; a Prince Royce who is a fan of R&B, pop, so I definitely feel that the public will be surprised with the CD,” said Royce, who also mentioned that he has been working on his first English album for three years and is now finally able to release it. “I’m not gonna stop singing bachata. This is an opportunity for me to reach a different market, the CD comes out this year in Japan, in Australia, so for me it’s always trying to grow as an artist and as a person and also represent Latinos always. 

During the meeting with fans, Royce shared stories about his years working as an associate at a phone store near his home in The Bronx, and how he raised 8,000 dollars, which he invested into his first album, “Corazon Sin Cara.”

“I came back to the store in the Bronx where I worked, and people would walk around me and by me and not recognize me,” said Royce about a time he visited his old job and dressed up as an associate, handing out flyers on the street. “For me it was an exciting moment because you never know where life can take you and I walked those streets, I worked at that store and nobody would pay attention to me.

His recent single, “Back it Up,” featuring J.Lo and Pitbull, currently has over 43 million views on Youtube, and he will be travelling to Tampa on July 16, to start a tour with Ariana Grande.

Above all, Prince Royce says he appreciates his public and cherishes events where he can interact with his fans.

“You always dream with being successful, but I never dreamt with truly living this story and this life,” said Royce. “I definitely owe it to the public and my fans who are always going to my concerts, buying my CDs, I think success I can share it with them because without them it wouldn’t have been possible.”