Pop star Estelle belts it out at the W

  Grammy winner Estelle, known for her smash hit American Boy (featuring Kanye West), doesn’t have much down time.

   When she’s not on tour, you’ll find the British native and fashionista in the recording studio or drawing designs for her upcoming clothing line.

   We recently chatted with the R&B singer — who now calls New York home — at the one-year anniversary of the W Fort Lauderdale, where she performed some of her hits.

Your new album, All of Me, comes out in the fall. When you’re writing new music do you ever feel stuck?

   ‘‘I don’t. As soon as I get to that point where it’s taking too long to write a record I just stop and then wait for the inspiration to come back again.’’

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?  

 ‘‘Mary J. Blige. She taught me how to sing. Growing up, I didn’t have a vocalist or go to stage school so I sat around listening to Mary’s CDs. She’s great’’

What are some of things you like to do when you’re not singing?

 ‘‘Watch films. I’m a huge film buff. I also design and take pictures. I’ve been designing clothes for my tour. You see some of them in the next few months.’’

  Tell us about your new album.

 ‘‘It’s like the graduation of me. It’s pushing me forward.  On my first album, The 18th Day, I was being a rebellious kid. Now I’m like, **** the world. This is how I feel about it. This is my life, this is me and this is exactly how I’m like on a regular day.’’

What advice would you offer new musicians?

 ‘‘Stay true to yourself, don’t apologize for anything and live your life.’’

You’re doing what you love now. What was your worst job before you made it big?

 ‘‘As a temp secretary. I had to sit there all day and stare at this computer. I hated it. I didn’t know what to do and no one gave me any tasks. It was mind numbing. I think I did it for about a month.’’



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