Playboy bares it all during Art Basel

Playboy bared it all for Art Basel.

The sexy mag, along with Stoli Elit, hosted Nude Is Muse, an uncovered presentation and dinner held at the Standard Hotel with artists Vanessa Beecroft, Ryan McGinness, Richard Phillips, Lola Schnabel, Olympia Scarry, Terence Koh, Sante D’Orazio, Scott Campbell, Xaviera Simmons and Hank Willis Thomas.

Upon entrance to the party (held in the pool area) guests were stunned to see ladies in the buff. For more than two hours, the girls posed as mannequins in the lukewarm water while artists (lucky enough to score an invite) composed still-life drawings and photogs snapped away.

 Heard among the crowd – “They must be cold!’’

Although the dinner party was invite only, some lucky boaters and hotel guests got the view of a lifetime and “dude, I’d rather be here than the club,’’ seemed to be the catchphrase of the evening.

The ladies weren’t the only ones sporting their birthday suits. Posing in front of a red carpet Playboy sign were two muscular guys – adorned in body paint and colorful tattoos- baring it all for the sake of art. The coolest piece: a curvaceous chick, with robotic eyes, who wore nothing but a camera that covered her private parts.

In our exposed opinion, artist Lola Schnabel (daughter of painter Julian Schnabel and ex-flame of actor Viggo Mortenson,) had the winning display. Schnabel, who traded in her easel to deejay that night, had a topless model lay still in a bathtub as a movie projector flashed artistic images across her torso.

She explained her series of erotic drawings “move as fast as a heartbeat and when you put two together a third drawing is made to the speed of the heartbeat,” she said.  “It’s basically about how we find people and our romantic representation of how we feel about them, without looking at them.’’

She’s inspired by a womanly state of undress.

“I paint paintings and drawings from life and a lot of my girlfriends pose nude for me so I’m very comfortable making another woman feel comfortable and naked in front of me,’’ she says. “I think that the female body is much more beautiful than a man’s body. ‘’

In naked bliss that night: André Balazs Jeffrey Deitch, Jamie Johnson, China Chow, Playboy’s editorial director Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy’s senior vice president Lorna Donohoe and a veiled, masked woman who caused one person to ask, “is that Lady Gaga under there?’’


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