Pitbull sues vodka company

Pitbull, the Miami singer, is going after New Amsterdam vodka for the company’s promotion of Pit Bull, the cocktail. He says the cocktail has nothing to do with him, and hints that it is damaging his reputation as a pitchman. The chart-topping singer of Timber just had Coral Gables copyrights and trademark attorney David Friedland sue the vodka company in federal court here. The allegations include that vodka lovers would be confused by New Amsterdam’s campaign. Pitbull endorses a brand of low-calorie vodka, Voli. He has been associated with the beverage since 2011, when ads that read “The Pitbull side of light” were published online and in magazines. New Amsterdam’s ads read “The Pit Bull” and describe a cocktail made of vodka, lime, grapefruit juice and soda. Friedland didn’t return calls for comment, but in the lawsuit, he claims the New Amsterdam ads were conceived to give reader the false impression of Pitbull’s endorsement. The lawsuit alleges “irreparable” damages and asks the federal court to order New Amsterdam to stop using allusions to the singer. New Amsterdam has yet to respond to the lawsuit.