Pitbull goes back to school for a day

Rap superstar Pitbull received an honorary degree from Doral College at a joint graduation ceremony with Doral Academy Preparatory high school Tuesday night. Miami product Pitbull, 33, whose real name is Armando Perez, received a long standing ovation from students who hadn’t been told about the surprise appearance by the singer of Timber. Just like the 100-plus graduates, Pitbull, who doesn’t hold a higher-education degree, donned a black cap and gown. And he politely waited until after the ceremony to tweet: “Thank you so much, I’m honored.” Pitbull, the first to receive an honorary diploma from Doral College, told the grads not to forget why their schools were founded. “I remember being kicked out of a public school because I didn’t have the right address. That’s why I want better schools for the kids who live where I grew up,” the rapper said. School officials said the ceremonial degree was bestowed on the chart-topper because of his “tireless devotion” to his community.