When Perez Hilton is in Miami with mom, guess where he goes?

Perez Hilton is back home in Miami — with his mama. 

And the celebrity blogger isn’t running out to the hotspots like LIV.

Hilton, real name Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. is with hanging with his mama. He posted a picture on Instagram of Sra Lavandeira at Knaus Berry Farm. The caption along with his adorable mother: “Carb loading. Stocking up on cinnamon buns and chugging down a mango milkshake. #MommaPerez is eating and drinking her way through Dade County!”


Commenters were kind. One writing in that Hilton’s mom was “beautiful.” Another approved of the location: “Oh my gosh that place is amazing!! I love going to the three farms that are around there! The Emu Farm has delicious Key Lime Pie shakes and Strawberry shakes! Ahh just everything! haha.”

Yes the man once known as the Queen of Mean has a softer side. He is now a father of two and his mother helps him take care of them part time in L.A. and part time in SoFla.