Padma Lakshmi in ugly custody battle

Padma Lakshmi is reportedly upset that her custody battle with her daughter’s father, Adam Dell, is public knowledge.

Her ex has filed for custody of their 11-month-old daughter. He cites Padma’s hectic career.

Dell, through his lawyer, says he was forced to go this route because the Top Chef host isn’t letting him see Krishna enough, and is trying to cast her current guy, 70-year-old financier Ted Forstmann, in the daddy role. Dell’s suit claims Lakshmi has told the baby to call Forstmann “papa” and gave her Theodore as a middle name.

Lakshmi broke up with Dell in September 2009, telling him he was “unambitious,” his suit added.


Uh-oh. Something’s wrong with Charlie Sheen. TMZ reports the actor was carried out of his L.A. home by stretcher into an ambulance early Thursday morning.

Sources say Sheen was having severe abdominal pains.

The site also reports two women left the house at the same time (no comment).

In other health news, Hobbit director Peter Jackson had emergency surgery to repair a perforated ulcer, according to the New Zealand Herald.


We’ve heard of big age gaps between couples but this one’s a doozy: Jeff Goldblum, 58, was photographed in the UK’s Daily Mail liplocking with model/heiress Lydia Hearst Shaw, 26.

She’s Patty Hearst‘s eldest daughter from her marriage to former bodyguard Bernard Shaw.


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