Owen Wilson: I heart Miami

Owen Wilson

After a “five-day tour of duty” of Extreme Baseling, Owen Wilson arrived home in Los Angeles, going back to his day job of making movies. “I saw some great, amazing stuff, that’s for sure,” said the star of such films as Zoolander, The Royal Tenenbaums, Midnight in Paris and Wedding Crashers, adding he did not buy anything.

“The Peter Marino exhibit at the Bass Museum was really worth a visit.”

Wilson, 46, was seen partying it up all over town and spent a large chunk of time at The James Royal Palm, taking a special interest in Architectural Digest’s chic resting stop, the AD Oasis, curated by interior designer and former Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star Thom Filicia.

Wilson did take some time off of carousing and inhaling culture by going to the beach. “I always make sure I take a swim when I am in Miami as I used to do when I filmed Marley & Me there [in 2008]. I was glad it wasn’t rainy all week. It was nice. Special.” Back to work is an understatement.

Wilson is promoting not one but two coming movies, Night at the Museum — Secret of the Tomb, in which he reprises his role as cowboy Jedediah. He also has a small role as a troubled informant in Paul Thomas Anderson’s dark 1970s era comedy Inherent Vice, based on the Thomas Pynchon novel of the same name. Two movies to promote. Nonstop travel. Parties. What’s the secret to his staying power? “I’m not a big coffee guy,” says the single father of two. “Green tea is the answer. Lots of it. That’s how I kind of keep my PT Barnum hat on.”