Oprah's chef speaks

Get your taste buds prepped. On Monday night, celeb chef Art Smith will be here for his charity Common Thread’s first annual “World Festival” at The Palms on Miami Beach. For the fest, local chefs including Michelle Bernstein, Samuel Gorenstein of BLT Steak South Beach, and Cindy Huston of Ortanique will serve up their best stuff to more than 250 movers and shakers.

Little known fact (or not so little): Smith is best known as Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef, but he’s also a regular figure on the judging panel for “Iron Chef America,” and a recent contestant on “Top Chef: Masters.”

We caught up with Smith, a Florida native who met his boyfriend 10 years at a flower shop on Alton Road 10 years ago:

Who is your fave chef? Michelle Bernstein, also my best friend.

What is the strangest food request you’ve ever gotten? None when you’re hired as a personal chef. That’s your job!

How was working for Oprah?

She’s the greatest boss ever. She loved everything. We are BFF’s.

What celebs have your served? Barbara Streisand and Senator Barak Obama love my fried chicken. Hollywood discovered my fried chicken at Oprah’s.

Your most memorable guest? Lady Gaga having a chicken and waffle party with her posse.

Who is your most famous client? I just cooked for His Holiness The Dali Lama. It was a vegetarian.

Guity pleasure? Chocolate, any way you give to me.

Ingredient? gave, my new favorite healthy natural sweetener. Love sweet things

Meal? Anything grilled, with spicy salsa in a sea of salad.

Worst meal? Any food cooked without love – fast food!


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