Oprah’s big secret: she has a sister

Oprah Winfrey dropped a family bombshell — the talk show diva has a half-sister.

The Milwaukee woman’s name is Patricia (no last name given), and she was put up for adoption by Winfrey’s mother, Vernita Lee, almost 50 years ago.

Winfrey told her audience that when Patricia was born in 1963, Winfrey was 8 and living with her father.

Patricia said she had tried years ago to learn the identity of the woman who gave her up for adoption and only started to try again a few years ago at the insistence of her two adult children.

Patricia finally got a call from the state adoption agency, which reported that her birth mother did not wish to meet her.

Coincidentally, on the local news, she saw a story about Winfrey’s mother, who described how two of her children had died. Those details matched information Patricia had seen in adoption papers, which indicated she had two sisters and a brother and that only the older sister was alive. Lee also said that one of the dead children was named Patricia.

“The hairs on the back of my neck stood up,” Patricia said. “Because I knew one of my siblings and I shared the same name.”

A DNA test confirmed the two are half-sisters.


Lil Wayne is back, officially. The multiplatinum rapper is kicking off a 25-city tour “I Am Music II,” in March with an all-star supporting cast including Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Travis Barker.

It’ll start in Buffalo, N.Y., March 18 and hit Miami eventually.

Lil released the album I Am Not a Human Being while in a New York jail for a weapons charge last year.


Aaron Carter is the latest celeb to go the rehab route.

The singer, 23, entered a treatment facility for “emotional and spiritual issues,” according to his manager, Johnny Wright.

Wright didn’t mention “addiction issues,” but the Tampa native was arrested for pot possession in 2008.

The next year it was revealed Carter — who is Backstreet Boy Nick Carter‘s younger brother — owed more $1 million in back taxes.


Steve Harvey‘s scorned ex has taken to the Internet — YouTube, actually — to air the couple’s dirty laundry.

In three videos, Mary Harvey claims that Harvey — who is remarried — was a serial cheater who then took their son and left her with zip.

In three videos, Mary goes off about how they met and when the infidelities began (their second anniversary). She also says that he ended up marrying “the other woman,” Marjorie Bridges.

The comedian’s attorney responded, calling her diatribes “false, misleading, derogatory, disparaging [and] malicious.”


Bret Michaels is finally getting the hole in his heart closed.

Docs at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix were performing the so-called cardiac catheterization Monday. They planned to insert a catheter into a vein in the groin and guide wires and a closure device into the heart with cameras. The device will remain in the singer’s heart to stop abnormal blood flow between the two chambers.


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