One Direction's Harry Styles not moving to Key Biscayne

While rumors abound that 19-year-old H arry Styles was eying a massive Key Biscayne crib that would set him back at least a million bucks for every year of his 19 years on earth at a whopping listing price of $19.5 million, our real estate intelligence says no way. “His net worth is only $10 million at this point,” says our spy, who added that “Key Biscayne is too old, too foreign, and too stuffy for a British teenager.” Alrighty then, though we’d think most of America is too “foreign” for a Brit and much of Miami often too alien even for its own denizens. Styles is no ordinary teen, but for shame. He’s only worth $10 mil. But that’s still enough to buy a house from high end Realtors The Jills, who were mute as usual.

Maybe Harry’s new girlfriend Cara Delevingne can give him some housing advice.