Olivia Munn has a trip down memory lane

Olivia Munn at the world premiere of Ride Along 2 on Miami Beach. Photo: Patrick Farrell

Olivia Munn had an especially nostalgic trip to Miami when she ran into an old high school friend from Oklahoma who happens to be a Miami police officer now.

Wrote Munn on Instagram, “Sometimes people come up to me and say we went to high school together in Oklahoma. But I know they don’t remember me from back then because no one talked to me in high school. At 16, I was the new girl and ate lunch by myself in the library every day. Yesterday, this Miami police officer stopped me and said he thinks we went to school together. Back in high school he was a skater and had long hair but I’d recognize those cheeks anywhere! Andrew Markowitz was the first person at Putnam City North HS to befriend me. We were library aides together and after watching me eat lunch alone for about a month, he came up and asked why I didn’t eat in the cafeteria like everyone else. I told him it was because I didn’t have anyone to sit with and being in a room full of people with no one to sit with was more lonely than sitting by myself in an empty library. After that day, he started eating his lunch with me in the library. Thank you Andrew- Sergeant Markowitz- for being my only friend so long ago. Next time I’m in Miami, lunch is on me.”