OJ Simpson's home sells at auction

While he bides time in a Nevada desert prison, fallen football icon O.J. Simpson’s Kendall home was sold Tuesday in a foreclosure auction. The house, at 9450 SW 112th St., went for $655,000 to a yet-to-be-identified private online bidder, according to county auction records. The buyer was mandated to pay in full by noon Wednesday. The winning bid came in nearly $100,000 above what Simpson paid for the property in September 2000. It’s currently assessed by the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser at $481,043. Simpson came to Florida from California to escape a $33.5 million judgment won in a civil court by Fred Goldman, the father of the waiter murdered along with Simpson’s ex-wife in 1994. While Simpson was famously found not guilty in a criminal court of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in a criminal court, a civil court in Los Angeles found him liable for the deaths. The Juice bought land here because a Florida homestead cannot be seized to pay for a civil judgment. Now, however, the former Buffalo Bills star is in prison on unrelated kidnapping and robbery convictions. He stopped paying his mortgage more than two years ago. From his cell, Simpson tried to fight the foreclosure action filed by mortgage holder JP Morgan Chase. Why? He hoped to return home soon, says his attorney. “He has been trying to do everything he can to win his release, and the idea was that he’d have a home to come back to,” said Leonardo DaVinci Starke, who represented Simpson in the foreclosure. “We were hoping for the best, but it didn’t happen.”