Nina Agdal talks birthday plans, what's in her bag

Nina Agdal doesn’t mess around. When she’s busy, she’s really, really busy. On Thursday the Danish model, 21, launched a line of sunglasses with bebe on Lincoln Road, then zoomed over to a so-called Spring Fling party thrown in her honor at Wall at W Hotel by DuJour magazine. Agdal, who will be appearing on the glossy’s cover, chatted about what makes her tick, plus her upcoming birthday plans.

What’s in your bag right now?

Well, let’s see. I carry my birth control, for sure [laughs]. Also makeup remover in case you’re not sleeping at home, you know? I always have a good lip balm. This time it’s Clinique. It’s an easy thing to put on and gives you a little pop of sexy.

How did you prep for the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue’s cover?

I don’t prep for a shoot. It’s like school; it’s a lifestyle. I work out, I eat healthy. When it’s an important [job], I try not to eat as many carbs, drink more water, slow down on the alcohol. A typical day for me is wake up, work out for an hour — usually cardio and weights at Barry’s Bootcamp — eat a good breakfast, go to work. If I have energy, I work out again later. Then I have dinner with girlfriends and go to sleep!

What do you indulge in on a cheat day? Oh, a good glass of wine. It’s what makes me relax. I would love to drink it every night, but I can’t.

You have a birthday coming up March 26. What are your plans? Are you asking for anything in particular? I’ll be here, actually, celebrating at Boomers with my best friend. I love doing childish activities like that, I guess: Go Karts, climbing the rock wall. I am also going to try to get to Jungle Island. Then I’ll do a couple of parties with my friends in New York and Vegas. I’m not big on gift giving. I like people showing up and having a good time!