Nina Agdal plays host for Miami Beach Volleyball Tournament

Football fans already know who she is:Nina  Agdal recently made mouths water in her beyond-sexy Super Bowl ad for Carl’s Jr and Hardees (no one ever made a charbroiled codfish sandwich look this good).

The New York City based Dane, 20, talked to us from an outdoor shoot in Jacksonville before she traveled down south for this weekend’s Dirty Dutch Model Beach Volleyball Tournament:

Psyched to host beach volleyball?

Yes, I used to live in Miami so I’ll get to see a lot of my friends. It’s a great event for guys to come check out, too. Lots of hotties in little clothing! Can’t wait.

Has your life changed since the ad aired?

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. But I don’t look like that normally. When I’m not working I try to go natural and not wear a lot of makeup. I think your skin needs to breathe. Plus of course, I don’t walk around in a bathing suit! Guys do stop me, even before the ad. They yell at me everywhere. They’re like, ‘Can I have your number?’ or ‘Damn, girl!’ is the classic. It’s just funny. As long as they don’t come close to me, it’s fine. I just smile, wave and walk away and it works.

Do you think you got the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit Issue?

I don’t know, no one does. It’s all a big secret. I’ll go on David Letterman on Monday and we’ll do the big reveal. Then Tuesday the issue will be on stands. I can’t say much, just that the pictures will be beautiful and my part was shot in Australia. I got a sneak peek.

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