New game for kids from The Federal

Cesar Zapata, best known as the chef at The Federal Food, Drinks and Provisions, and his sister Natalia Weissman, have teamed up with Russell Simmons and T.I. to launch GreenRoks, a multimedia gaming platform with an environmental and musical slant to educate kids about the environment subliminally while featuring new music and artistic talent. The company’s first game, Mission G-ROK, is available at the Apple store and currently No. 1 for kids ages 9-11. We asked Ani Meinhold, Zapata’s partner at The Fed, if we can expect these games at the restaurant to keep the little ones busy. “Count on it! That’s exactly the point! It’s for super moms and super dads; games with a great message and a social agenda. None of this stuff with guns and blowing peoples’ heads off. More like killing sludge and recycling,” she said.