‘Moonlight’ wins Best Picture after Steve Harvey moment

They better win ALL the awards. Photo via Instagram

Oh lord, did this really just happen?

After watching an Oscars that went on for a snooze-inducing three hours only to see if “Moonlight” would finally defeat its archnemesis “La La Land,” the award for best picture was handed to the cast of “La La Land” by confused looking Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.


After several members of the “La La Land” team wrap of their thanks, they are interrupted by a concerned Jimmy Kimmel, who reveals that the card Beatty held was, in fact, wrong!

Luckily the “La La Land” producer Justin Hurwitz graciously handed over their statues, and vacated the stage, leaving “Moonlight” producer Adele Romanski scrambling to find words.

In another Miami-related twist, the venue in Liberty City that was hosting the Borscht Film Festival’s watch party lost signal right in the middle of the confusion.

Maybe the cast of “Moonlight” deserves another take?

Confusion at the Oscars Watch Party at the African Heritage Cultural Center.