Miss USA Olivia Culpo at Kooey Australia show

Back at bikini headquarters, The Raleigh, the Kooey Australia got under way in the penthouse. Guests mingled in the vast room, where cheese, crackers and fruit were served, amid male and female partially naked models. Many of the bathing suits reminded one of the ocean, or crystal clean [pool.

The way it should be, in our book. Colors were a surreal and splendid mix of teal, aqua and sand. Some of the prints were reminiscent of tropical fish. Perfectly light coverups with bat wings lent a stylish complement to the skimpy one-pieces and flesh. Unlike many of the other looks seen during Swim Week, Kooey is less about details, bells and whistles, and embellishments, letting the hues and silhouettes take over. This is intentional.

Designer Nikki Silverthorne uses her country’s natural beauty and landscape to guide her vision. Though most eyes were fixed on the least dressed people, heads did turn with Miss USA Olivia Culpo (formerly Miss Rhode Island), sash and all, walked in.


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