Miss Cougarlife on the prowl in Miami

Cubs of Miami Beach be on alert! Cougarlife.com’s new spokes-Cougar Marlo Jordan has chosen Miami Beach as the perfect place to celebrate her upcoming 42nd birthday. The fitness competitor and dating coach was chosen by a popular vote that included 6,000 cougar contestants and now she reigns as the face of a website that has made millions of love connections between mature ladies and the young men who fawn over them. Well, perhaps love isn’t the right word to describe this kind of  connection. We caught up with the new Miss Cougarlife to chat about the life and loves of a self-described Cougar.

How did you become Miss Cougarlife?
There were actually 6,000 cougars who entered the contest and I basically entered and thought it was funny and then I forgot about it. The next thing I knew I had won.

What got you to join a website like Cougarlife.com?

I heard about the website from a girlfriend. With my schedule being so busy I thought this would be perfect. It’s just an easy way to date.

What is it about younger guys that attracts you?
The younger guys are in their sexual prime so you get a guy in his mid twenties to early thirties, and I’m in my early forties so I’m in my sexual prime. You put two people together who are in their sexual prime, they are not into a relationship right now and the dynamics of the two works well. I don’t want them to marry me and have kids with me. Maybe they want to fulfill  fantasies.

How many guys have you met on the site?
I interact with a lot of guys on the site. But I have met about five guys that I have had an ongoing relationship with. Cougarlife has made over 9 million connections, those are some big numbers. There’s about four guys to every girl. Your chances are really great.

Do you think its easier for older women to snag younger guys now because women take better care of themselves?
If you think back in the ’60s in the Ms. Robinson days, you think of the cougar as an old lady who wants to tear a man apart. In Hollywood you have actresses like Demi Moore, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone – these women have changed the stigma about women dating younger men. I think the cougar lifestyle is here to stay. Madonna is a full on  cougar and look at her.

I’ve always gone to the gym. But I’ve been divorced for five years. When I started dating I stayed in the gym more and I am more conscious of my diet.  I think that women who are single who are in their thirties and forties are likely to take better care of themselves now.

Any drawbacks to dating cubs?
I did date a guy for a few months who started talking about children. That is one of the cons, no matter who you are dating, no matter what age, feelings get involved. If you two start having stronger feelings for each other a negative about a young guy is that he starts falling in love with you and wants to have a family. I’m not having anymore kids. I would say that another guy was very cocky, the younger guys get nervous and intimidated by older women. I would say to cubs, don’t be intimidated. Be yourself. Keep in mind the older woman talking to you wants to have sex with you, be confident but don’t be cocky.

Have you seen cubs that are looking for a Sugar Mama?
I know there are younger guys that are looking to date older women that are financially stable. But I think there is a percentage of them that are looking at it like that. She can take me out. She can help me with my bills. There’s guys like that for sure, but number one is sex.

Where are the best places in Miami to pick up cubs?
Rose Bar at Delano is great, SLS next door has lots of younger crowds. FIFTY Lounge, Sky Bar at Shore Club, Casa Tua and LIV. The nightlife in Miami is amazing and a lot of cougars go to Miami to celebrate birthdays like what I’m going to do.

What made you want to party for your birthday in Miami?
Miami is one of the top places to let loose. There’s going to be plenty of cubs so it’s the perfect place to go celebrate.