MIchael Bolton passing through

Michael Bolton is going back to his first love — music — after a disappointing turn on Dancing with the Stars. The father of three and first-time grandfather (daughter Taryn gave birth to a girl in October) is playing the Arsht Monday as part of his tour promoting his latest album, One World One Love.

The Connecticut native, 57, will perform such chart-toppers like How Am I Supposed to Live Without You as well as newer, not-so-soft rock, including songs written with Lady Gaga. We caught up with Bolton on a recent conference call:

Are you excited about the tour?

I’ve been touring now for 25 years. When you put dates up and especially in an economy where it’s been tough for a lot of people you don’t know where they’re going to choose to spend their money. When you find that people are just grabbing these tickets and looking forward to the show it automatically excites you.

Do you like Florida?

My golf clubs are coming with me through this run. Of course this crazy weather we’ve had, nobody can know for certain, but one thing about looking at several Florida dates is that there’s a good chance that the golf clubs are going to actually make it out of the belly of the bus.

What do you feel most grateful for?

The fans. A lot of people have had one or two hits and not had the opportunity to build a core audience. . . .I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel that through those years where there was one hit after another hit after another hit, I was fortunate enough to build an audience.


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