Miami’s William Levy battles zombies in final ‘Resident Evil’

William Levy has traded in his dancing shoes for good. The onetime “Dancing with the Stars” contestant is a bona fide a movie star now, people. Levy, 36, has a badass role in “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” the sixth and last film in the franchise (or so it seems) based on the mega popular video game. The Cuban-born Miami resident plays Christian, a warrior who links up with zombie assassins Alice (Milla Jovovich) and Claire (Ali Larter) to keep up the good fight against the undead. Though his part is not major, Levy appears on the movie poster in a leather jacket, battle ready and armed to the max. We spoke to the telenovela hunk at the Mandarin Oriental Miami Hotel about the experience.

How did you first get involved with this project?

I have no idea! [Laughs.] No, really. I was at my house and got a call from my agent and manager and they said, ‘William. They are offering you a role in the last movie in the franchise and if you want to be a part of it, read the script and let us know.’ I said, ‘I don’t need to read nothing. I’m going wherever I need to go. I want to kill zombies.’

Were you a fan of the “Resident Evil” movies?

I was a big fan. I saw all five. I knew what i was getting myself into. When I heard it was the last one I knew it would be the only opportunity for me to be in it and a big opportunity for my career. I mean, the biggest horror franchise in the world. Why not? I don’t think that’s bad! I remember seeing the first one and was saying, ‘Wow. What would it be like to be in that?’

How did you prepare physically?

Thankfully I was working out when this came up I was kind of ready. I had just finished shooting “The Veil.” I didn’t have much time to prepare.

You were very popular on “DWTS” back in 2012 and came in third place. So any more reality TV for you?

No! No reality TV. My life is too boring for that. I’ve done seven movies in the last three years [including] “The Single Moms Club, “Planet 51.” It’s going pretty good. I can’t complain. I’m enjoying this ride.