Miami rapper Pitbull’s style evolution

Let’s take a walk down memory lane with none other than Pitbull, who takes the stage in South Florida this Sunday with his Bad Man Tour. 

Miami’s favorite son wasn’t always the GQ man that he is today.

Loooong ago, the rapper, 35, was just another kid running around in a track suit trying to look cool.

We looked through our archives at The Miami Herald and boy did we find some relics.

Marice Cohn Bond/Miami Herald

One especially grabbed our attention: Pitbull, aka Armando Christian Perez, hanging out by the tracks near where he grew up at 25 NE 28th Street, which is now hipsterville. This was 2003 and our guy was just 22. He was still sporting baggy clothes that the kids prefer. Little did he know that he was in for some upgrades.  

Gaston De Cardenas/El Nuevo Herald

Looking casual in 2008, Pitbull sports a baggy track suit and some sneakers and poses for an article in El Nuevo Herald. Notice the peachfuzz on the chin. Not there yet…
Gaston De Cardenas/El Nuevo Herald


By 2010 our man is already proving to be quite the metrosexual, sporting a three-piece suit to perform at the Pepsi Fan Jam on South Beach prior to the Super Bowl XLIV game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. Yes, this is the Pitbull we deserve. 


Pedro Portal/El Nuevo Herald


Looking super daper for the 2012 Miami premiere of “Men In Black 3.” Pitbull knows his way around a bespoke suit. Upgrade complete.