Miami native's film C.O.G.coming to O Cinema

When filmmaker Kyle Patrick Alvarez was 15 he read a short story that changed his life: David Sedaris’ autobiographical C.O.G. ( Child of God). Published in the humorist’s 1998 collection, Naked, the tale follows Sedaris’ time working at an apple farm and the unusual characters he met. “ C.O.G. dealt with two things I find really interesting: religion and sexuality,” says Alvarez, who was born in Kendall. “And it dealt with the intersection of these two things in a really funny yet complex way.” Alvarez is excited to bring C.O.G. starring Glee’s Jonathan Groff, to O Cinema, where it opens Friday. “Though I moved around a lot as a kid, Miami is the closest thing I have to a hometown. A lot of my formative years were spent there.”