Miami makes top 3 of's top romantic destinations

Sorry ugly people. You are going to have to pay for your vacations. At least according to, whose slogan is “Beautiful People Travel Free.”

This website, started by Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of other websites connecting the rich and socially awkward to the poor and genetically-blessed (like and, matches Generous Travelers with Attractive Travelers, meaning it connects people who have plenty of cash to blow on a fancy vacay with people who bring little else to the table besides good looks and a great personality (one hopes).

According to their recent survey, the Magic City made the top three on the list of romantic destinations in the United States, following Los Angeles and New York.

Is it our crystalline ocean? Some special spices we slip into the dishes at our many culinary havens? Our various cultural and artistic offerings?

It could be any one of those things that make Miami a great place for a tete-a-tete with a GF (or an Attractive Traveler you just met online).

Or, perhaps more realistically, a trip to Miami could just be a great way to get a girl to wear a bikini all day long.


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