Miami Fashion Week arrives with new celebs and a fresh vision

Designs from Rene Ruiz, Aguaclara and Custo Barcelona will be on the runways at Miami Fashion Week.

Miami Fashion Week returns for what many are calling ‘the rebirth’ of the event in the Magic City. With a new focus and image, the shows run Thursday, June 2 through Sunday, June 5.

The four-day occurrence will feature some of the world’s most recognized designers displaying their collections on the runway:

Antonio Banderas is now the honorary president of Miami Fashion Week, and a team of experts have taken over the show – including Sergio Salerni, Barbara Hulanicki, ESMA Proyectos. Attendance of more than 500 guests is expected for the shows at Ice Palace Studios (1400 N. Miami Ave.), in the Arts & Entertainment District. Collections featured will have apparel for both men and women.

Miami-based designer Rene Ruiz, whose runway show will close Miami Fashion Week on Sunday night, believes the city is finally being given the attention within the fashion industry that it merits.

“I always felt that Miami deserved a change in the limelight,” said Ruiz, who is originally from Miami and has been designing and manufacturing in the city for 25 years. “I love Miami and South Florida in general, and I think by it getting the support of Miami Fashion Week, the way it’s being run now, it’s really very encouraging not just for myself but for all the young designers from Latin America and other places who want to come and use Miami as the widow for the American market.”

Ruiz characterizes himself as making timeless garments that a woman can wear now and again 10 years from now, feeling the same elegance and poise.

His runway pieces will transmit that same emotion that he accomplishes by using fabrics such as silks in deep colors – both warm and cool tones – as well as metallics and embroidered pieces. His show will feature a collision of gowns and dresses from his Fall 2016 and holiday collections.