After 10 years together, Candela Ferro and Khotan expecting. Is it a boy or a girl?.

“Graves” star Khotan Fernandez and Spanish language TV personality Candela Ferro are heading into a new chapter in their relationship. Ferro is expecting, the mother to be announced on Instagram.


People En Espanol reports that Ferro was having stomach issues back in January and thought she may have eaten something bad. 

 Turns out after taking a pregnancy test, the Argentine presenter, 43, quickly realized her feelings of nausea had nothing to do with food. She recalls how she told her boyfriend after she found out. 

“Khotán was in his art studio, painting,” says Ferro of her longtime beau, also 43. “I went to find him and when we arrived back home I told him. It’s something that he wanted [but] it was a total surprise”

Both will be first time parents and the Miami based couple have been together 10 years.

OK: Inquiring minds want to know. Where was the baby conceived?

Ferro recounts that it was in a “little, magical cabin” that his father has in Mexico. Khotan has good memories there, she said, because it’s where the actor was born and lived when he was a kid.

The sex…it will be a girl, she said.


Translation: Congrats!