Miami: Cougar Town, USA

Do you feel like you’re trapped in Susan Sarandon’s body and want a Tim Robbins type beau? Do you watch the show Cougar Town with Courteney Cox religiously?

If you answered yes, then get over to the Miami Cougar Convention tonight, you could learn a few tricks from the pros. Doors open at 7 and at 7:30, you’ll hear a keynote address from Rich Gosse, author of eight Oprah approved books on dating including The Cougar Imperative: Why MidLife Women MUST Choose Younger Men. Later in the evening, they’ll open the dance floor with younger man DJ/emcee Peter M spinning tunes. At 11, one hottie will be awarded the title of Miss Cougar Miami. Her prize: a free room at Hedonism II Resort & Spa at Negril Beach, Jamaica during INTERNATIONAL COUGAR WEEK, March 27 – April 2, 2011. If you don’t meet a youngin there, you’re on your own. Your one requirement: Please be at least 35 and legally single.

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