Melissa Etheridge to play Pompano Beach Friday night

Grammy-winning rock singer-activist Melissa Etheridge says her current national tour is all about M.E. “The This is M.E. tour,” says Etheridge, who plays Pompano Beach Amphitheatre on Friday night. “It’s funny. Mario Lopez, I was on the radio with him. He says ‘What does M.E. stand for?’ I go, ‘My initials.’ He says ‘Oh, sorry.’ I thought they would get it. Maybe they won’t, but some do.” This is M.E. is also the title of Etheridge’s newest CD.

“This album signifies a big change in me, my career,” says Etheridge, 53. “Before, it was about the changes in my life. Now, I’ve got the personal side — I’m doing pretty good there. I’ve got that kind of set. I look to my professional side. My business side, I felt it kind of flat-lined that last couple of years.” Etheridge says she needed to do something and “grow” her business. “I fired all my managers and lawyers and everything and I built a new — from the ground up — this new system of doing music business,” she says.

“This album is the first to come out of that. The whole approach, the whole album is different. I own it. I didn’t go with a record label. Record sales are so low, I can reach my fans through social media and not need the middle man anymore. This is a big new adventure.”