Meet the Ted Turner of foreign films

Ask Sebastien Perioche for the top five foreign films, and he’ll need a minute. “I have so many favorites,” he says.

He’s not joking. Perioche is the founder of Eurocinema, an on-demand channel that offers round-the-clock, award-winning European and international films.

“Hollywood is a big machine, but they don’t really have an idea of a script anymore,” he says. “If you look at the big movies in Hollywood, most of them are scripts and remakes from Europe.”

On Wednesday, Perioche will host a movie night at Cafeina. The night’s feature film is El Hombre de Arena, a Spanish drama.

Movie night is part of a monthly series of soirees held at the Wynwood hot spot and Miami Beach’s Soho House and Wine Depot & Bistro 555. For $25, diners can watch a flick, drink wine and munch on a prix fixe menu (popcorn included). “[At the movies] you’ll be freezing, there’s no wine and you’ll pay $25, plus the price of parking and popcorn,” Perioche says. But at Eurocinema’s movie night, “you can have wine, a nice dinner and socialize with your friends.”

Perioche handpicks the movies shown on the cable channel.

“I go to Europe and look at the box office films. Film that haven’t made it to the U.S., that no one has seen.” Movies featured on the channel (available on Comcast and DirecTV) have won awards at Berlin, Rome, Cannes and Sundance film festivals.

“In Hollywood a movie is run by the studio, but in Europe they have lower budgets. The director is the one in charge,” he says. “The [actors and directors] have to be more creative and passionate.”

Eurocinema Garden Box Office featuring El Hombre de Arena, 7 p.m. Wednesday; Cafeina, 297 NW 23rd St., Miami;


Miamian Mike Fitch has been named a top-10 finalist in the Wilhelmina Hot Body Model Search.

The honor comes as no surprise to us. A fitness addict (he works as strength coach and nutritional consultant), Fitch hits the gym daily. His hard-core workouts focus on body weight training and feature “nontraditional” styles of exercise.

To mix up his routine, Fitch, 30, also enjoys parkour, paddleboarding and skateboarding. On the Wilhelmina website, Fitch says being “healthy is hot! Especially when you think about the fact that we literally are what we eat. Our skin, eyes, teeth, physique are all affected by the foods that we put in our body.”

If he wins the contest, Fitch will dedicate the award to his father, who is sick and can’t fly to New York to see him compete in the finals. “I’m doing this for my dad,” he says.

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